Mustache cookies for a “little man” baby shower 7.11.14

Layla loves her dolly from Grandma B! 7.11.14

It took 40 minutes to drive to swim lessons only to find out they’re cancelled due to lightening. I had no idea that applied to indoor pools! Well, now I know! Someone is pissed!!! 7.10.14

4 months! 7.5.14

Lil’ miss bum crack 7.5.14

Layla has mastered the back-to-tummy roll! 6.26.14

Everett has mastered the “reverse donut” 6.23.14

Future lawn mower 6.25.14

This boy loves his baby sister! 6.16.14

Good morning! 6.10.14

3 months today! 6.5.14

We got season passes to Busch Gardens and checked it out today! Everett was so angry I made him stop playing to look at the camera. #naughtyeverett 5.28.14

Layla’s late night screeching 5.29.14

Piggies!! 5.21.14

Layla’s started a bad habit of not napping during the day unless I’m holding her or laying next to her.  Here I was trying to get her to fall asleep with me - I even turned on some sleepytime music.  She finally fell asleep a few minutes after this. 5.17.14